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What is a Doula?
A Doula...
  • Is a trusted woman providing continuous care from the prenatal through to the postpartum period.
  • Provides emotional support, reassurance and physical comfort measures to the labouring woman with no breaks.
  • Assists partners to participate at their own comfort level, in ways that help the labouring woman.
  • Provides information to aid decision making.
  • Facilitates communication between the women, her partner and health care providers.
Partners are often concerned that a Doula will somehow replace them. If your partner is your right hand in labour, then your Doula is your left!
-Jill Simpson
They quickly find out, however, that the Doula helps enrich their role by supporting them and helping them to participate at their own comfort level. The Doula provides experience, knowledge, guidance, reassurance and helps create fond birth memories.
Training and Education

The Kootenay Doulas are women with a diverse range of education and life skills. All of them have formal training as a Doula and draw from their experience in related fields. They all have a sincere interest and commitment to work with women and childbearing families. All of the Doulas referred through the Kootenay Doula Group agree and abide by to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics as outlined by Doulas of North America (DONA).

As members, we like to meet as a group quarterly. We find this helps bring us together as a stronger unit.  During meetings we discuss upcoming births, The presence of a Doula is a major advantage for physicians, the women and their families. They provide a level of support that is often very difficult to achieve in a busy maternity care service. We see increased satisfaction with the birth experience, lower intervention rates and excellent infant outcomes.
- Dr. Michael Klein
births attended, new resources, concerns and ideas. We brainstorm ideas to raise public awareness with regards to Doula work.  Our meetings are geared towards determining how we can best provide support for women and their partners.

Find out about our Volunteer Project here.

Do YOU want to become a Doula? For information on the next local, DONA approved, Doula Training Workshop, contact Marty at

For more information on Doula training, see Frequently Asked Questions

The Kootenay Doula Group
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